Tennis: sport of a lifetime; both mental and physical, played indoors and out, on hard court, clay, carpet, grass, dirt, and–in some parts of the world–on cow dung; what more could you ask!

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Table Tennis, Squash & Badminton . . . that's our racket too!   There are many arrows in our quiver.

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Run, run, run, run, run, run. Stop. Have beer. Watch others do it on the Outdoor Channel while you rest comfortably in the supine position on couch. ahhhhhhh! 

A little secret.  Running shoes make great shoes for walking, traveling, going to the gym.  (Just no high argyle socks please). 


You swim for fitness, you swim for competition, you swim for your life sometimes; you weren't really swimming because swimmers are widely considered to have the best bodies . . . were you? 

One of the few anti-gravity activities besides a few Stellas or Firestones. 

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Sheep have been wearing this product for years; another example of humans taking credit (not to mention their wool) away from the unrepresented. Sheep need better lawyers (there's a class action opportunity)

Ugg Sheepskin Products, now in many cool summer styles as well!


Yoga, Pilates, running, tennis, exercise or just great looking weekend wear with an environmental consciousness.   Bet you can't just buy one!  You'll be back for more, for sure.

Other Cool Stuff

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