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Winning in the U.S. Activewear Market

There has been a current revolution in the consumer retail trend involving the utilization of activewear within the United States.

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Activewear Market by 2020

Morgan Stanley has recently revealed a prediction to Quartz concerning the "athleisure" market of clothing style stating that it is estimated to bring in over eighty billion in sales by the year 2020.

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Best Workout Clothes

Where to Shop for Workout Clothes

The active wear market has exploded in the past for years with new workout and athleisure brands, not to mention that just about every fashion retailer has added or expanded its active wear lineup. There's a lot to wade through when it comes to athletic workout clothes. Here are some of the best places to shop for workout clothes.

Nike is the big daddy of athletic gear. Everyone is an athlete no matter what your sport or level of activity at Nike. The brand is obsessed with constant innovation in performance and where and consistently turns out the most OnPoint colorways. You can't beat it for shoes that are both functional and stylish (see more about Nike).

Adidas is the athletic giant that is been a staple for quite some time but it has upped its game over the past few years with great branding and ad campaigns quality gear and celebrity partnerships such as Kanye West. Shop the brand now for men's, women's and kids clothes in a huge range of sports and styles (see more about Adidas).

Under Armour has all its athletic apparel bases covered. It has high performance gear for marathon runners and cold-weather hikers. It is collaborated with Misty Copeland and Steph Curry with sneakers (see more about Under Armour).

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Lululemon has a huge range of pants, shorts, sports bras and tank tops for runners. There are free in-store classes that make it a full on lifestyle brand and shopper swear by their pricey leggings (see more about Lululemon).

Athleta is a Gap owned athletic chain that has been expanding at a rapid clip with a solid selection of workout apparel. Close range in function from studio classes to winter sports (see more about Athleta).

Reebok is an active where giant with an extremely wide variety of gear and can accommodate your needs across every single sport (see more about Reebok).

Asics has typically been known as athletic wear for runners but it now also carries a wider group of gear that is less logo heavy than Nike and Adidas (see more about Asics).

Paragon Sports is another athletic giant with the big flagship store in New York City. You can also find them online for gear from just about every sport. This brand is especially good for cold-weather clothing (see more about Paragon Sports).

There are more inexpensive clothing such as Old Navy Active, H&M sport, Target, Lane Bryant, Forever 21 etc.

11 Stylish Alternatives to Lululemon

Lululemon has been a recent phenomenon in the activewear world, however there are several other high quality athletic wear brands out there that we are dying to tell you about!

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Cute Workout Clothes for Every Body

We promise there are cute workout clothes for every body regardless of shape and size. For instance, if you are insecure about your thighs try and wear a light color top to draw eyes away from your legs or chose a flared pant instead of a skinny pant to lengthen and balance out your shape.

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Latest Sportswear & Active Wear Innovations

Here you will find all the latest trends and innovations in the sportswear and activewear world.

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