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The Boston Athletic Association

Tennis History - The Grand Slam title winners since the beginning of the tournament

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Sports Charities USA

SCUSA otherwise known as Sports Charities USA is a collection of the United States' most regarded organizations that work towards providing outdoor recreation as well as sports training opportunities for handicapped and disabled youth, adults, and veterans nationwide.

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Good Sports: for Young People

Melissa Harper and Christy Keswick with Jermaine Wiggins | MontecitoSports

How many kids do you know who would love the opportunity to play sports but don't have the resources to do so? Schools are cutting out physical education and lower income students are being left out of youth sports and many youth sports programs are being shut down because there is no funding.

There are two women fighting for change. Melissa Harper and Christy Keswick started Good Sports. They first went to Spalding with a PowerPoint presentation and asked for a donation of 500 basketballs. Since then they have been providing more than 16 million in equipment to 2000 youth programs impacting millions of kids nationwide.

Their first distribution was to use sports organizations in Boston and now they expanded their outreach efforts to every state in the US. Good Sports mission is to give all kids the lifelong benefits of sport and physical activity by providing equipment, apparel and footwear to those most in need. (see page Best Workout Clothes)

Over the years we've been asked to provide a lot of equipment to kids and it's hard to say no. We try to do our best instead of trying to do it all. There have been some former athletes and big names that have supported Good Sports, including Nike, Wilson, Dr Pepper and Hilton. Besides monetary support they provide volunteers to bring awareness to our cause.

Cost is the biggest issue affecting you sports programs. Some programs increase fees or turn away kids because they cannot afford to pay for the equipment. Good Sports is there to help by providing everything from basketballs to jump ropes.

Top Children & Youth Nonprofits and Charities

Have you worked with a youth nonprofit organization? If, so we would love to hear your story. Read and share your youth nonprofit organization experience below.

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How to Set up a Nonprofit Youth Sports Organization

It is fairly easy and cost efficient to set up a nonprofit corporation. Youth sports organizations are commonly formed as nonprofit corporations but they can also be formed as unincorporated associations or LLC's. Read further for more information on how to set up an entity tied to a Youth Sports Organization.

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Twelve Signs of A Good Youth Sports Program

Every sports parent has their concerns about the youth sports program they enroll their children into. Check out our list of twelve signs of a good youth sports program that has over fifteen years of research put into it.

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