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Major World Sporting Events

The top three world sporting events are in the Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup and the Rugby World Cup.

Trophies of the Major World Sporting Events: Olympics, FIFA Cup and Rugby Cup | MontecitoSports

There are other major sporting events though and some that only come around once a year or every few years. The World Cup Soccer is to be held in 2018 Russia. The next summer Olympic Games and the Winter Olympics are still to be determined (see page Olympic Games History). There will also be the Aussie Olympics and the Paralympic games.

There are other multisport events such as the Commonwealth games, which will be held on the Gold Coast in 2018. The European Games took place in 2015. The Asian Games is a multisport games for Asian countries first held in 1951. The Gay Games is held every four years and is open to all who wish to participate, without regard to sexual orientation. The World Military Games is a multisport event for military sportspeople. The Para Olympics is an international multisport event, held every four years for athletes aged 14 to 18.

There are other World Major Events. These include the Rugby World Cup, the football Super Bowl, and cycling events such as the Tour de France. The tennis Grand Slam. The baseball World Series and the World Classic. Netball World Championships. In soccer, there is the Asian Cup, Africa Cup of Nations. In sailing there is the Americas Cup. In swimming there is the World Championships. In golf there is the Majors, and the Ryder Cup. And there is also the cricket World Cup. In horseracing there are major events and there are also winter sports events.

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