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National Olympic Committees of Participating Countries

Presently, there are two hundred and six Countries taking part in the National Olympic Committees of Participating Countries otherwise known as the NOC. The International Sport Federations, the International Olympic Committee along with the NOC are the three branches of constituents that make up the Olympic Movement.

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The International Olympic Committee
What They Do?

The global activities put on by the International Olympic Committee aka IOC reach far beyond just game day staging. The International Olympic Committee is highly dedicated and fully committed to creating a better world through their platform of sports.

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Olympic Games History

The Olympic Games are an international sports Festival that began in ancient Greece. The original games were staged every fourth year for several hundred years. They were abolished in the early Christian era and then the revival of the Olympic Games took place in 1896 were they again have been staged every four years except during World War I and II.

The Ancient Olympic Games | MontecitoSports

The difference between the ancient and modern Olympics is that the former was the ancient Greeks way of saluting their gods and the modern games salute the athletic talents of citizens of all nations. The original games feature competition music, oratory and theater performances. The modern games have a more expansive athletic agenda.

The original games were held during the Midsummer in Olympia. They were held in honor of Zeus the most important God in the Greek pantheon. Over time they began to include wrestling and penthalon, consisting of running, jumping, spear throwing, discuss throwing and wrestling. Boxing was added next and the games continue to expand. To compete in the original Olympic Games was a way to become glorified like the gods of Greece.

A Frenchman Pierre de Coubertin advocated the revival of the Olympic Games. A counsel was named and agreed to move every four years the Olympics to the great cities of the world. 13 countries competed at the Athens game in 1896 (see more Athens 1896 Summer Olympics). In 1924 a Winter Olympics was included and was to be held at a separate cold-weather sports site. The first was held at Chamonix, France (see more Chamonix 1924 Winter Olympics). The summer and winter games were traditionally held in the same year. But after 1992 they were shifted to a different schedule.

Pierre de Coubertin

Pierre de Fredy | MontecitoSportsFrench educator and historian, Pierre de Fredy Baron de Coubertin was not only the founder/creator of the International Olympic Committee but also the world's acclaimed father of the Olympic games.

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PyeongChang Winter Olympics 2018